Major work completed



Ancona: Platform demolition "Barbara", installation of Ravenna pipeline, NDT control, cut sheet pile

Caorso:  Central hydro-electrics, cleaning of tanks subcontracted by Enel.

Follonica:  Diving work for the construction of the port of Follonica.

Piacenza:   Reclamation work for the high-speed train area in Piacenza

Imperia: Laying of special mattresses for the Roja pipeline.

Piacenza: Central thermonuclear reclamation and well closures.

Marsiglia:  Underwater welding of sewage collection system.

Savona:   Laying of sewage drains in the sea at Loano.

Lago Maggiore:   Dredging and installation of floating piers.          

Diano Marina (IM):   Installation of new floating piers.                                                  

Savona:   Launching, hauling and demolition.

San Lorenzo al Mare (IM):  Maritime work for the new port of San Lorenzo.

Imperia:  Work at sea for the new port of Imperia:  levelling, positioning of cement boxes/blocks, above-water and underwater construction.

Pietra Ligure (SV):  Hauling and demolition.

Andora (SV):  Installation of environmentally friendly barriers to protect the seagrass.                          

Laigueglia (SV):  Replenishment of beaches and shorelines by dredging and pumping.

San Bartolomeo al Mare (IM):   Assistance with positioning of piers.

Portovenere (SP):  Assistance with positioning of piers.     

Corniglia, (SP):   Cinque Terre, positioning of environmentally friendly facilities for fish repopulating, and erosion control.

Imperia (IM):   Recovery of sunken pontoon inside the port.

Gallipoli (LE):   Positioning of pontoons and anchoring system.                    

San Lorenzo al Mare (IM):   Dredging of harbour entrance.                                             

Alassio (SV):   Reconstruction of beaches and shorelines by dredging/pumping.

Ceriale (SV):   Reconstruction of beaches and shorelines by dredging/pumping.

Lagos (Nigeria):   Assistance and installation of floating Piers.                         

Latte (IM):   Filling of  geotubes                               

Imperia (IM): Maintenance of  Roya pipeline.

Pointe Noire (Congo): Survey port area with echosounder, and cutting up of vessel.              

Velipoje (Albania):   Installation of piers/pontoons.

Alassio (SV):  Replenishment of the beaches and shoreline.

Pietra Ligure (SV):   Restoration of “Marinai” Pier.

Borghetto (SV):  Placement of white water pipes.

Laigueglia (SV):   Replacement of sewage pipes.

Alassio (SV):   Surveying on behalf of Tecnoreef® for placement of anti-erosion modules.

Maintenance contract for installation of mooring systems Poralu Marine, located in national territory.

Assembly contract for positioning of Tecnoreef® modules for replenishment of beaches and shorelines, which includes fish repopulation.